A diverse and engaged team fosters innovation

High-performing teams deliver results. Research by McKinsey suggests that executives are five times more productive when working in a high-performing team than they are in an average one – this reason alone is why your leadership team can benefit from our coaching services.

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Effective teamwork has also been found to reduce lost time due to accident rates, and in healthcare settings, it can improve patient outcomes, reduce medical errors, improve efficiency and increase patient satisfaction.

Creating a flourishing team

Developing a strong team starts with the process of assessing your team’s performance and understanding your organisational objectives. We talk to each team member to establish the team’s purpose from their perspective and their experience working in the team. We assess where the team is at on its high-performance journey, what its strengths are, and what needs to be done to lift performance.

We will observe the team in action to get a better understanding of the team’s effectiveness.

Bringing the team together

Our team coaching and development programs are bespoke and often include:

  • Ways to surface and deal with conflict
  • Restructuring the work of the team and team meetings
  • Team building activities to improve employee engagement
  • Coaching the team through challenges
  • Coaching individual team members
  • Strategies for the leadership team to promote positive change

Continuously improving team performance

A team dashboard will be co-created with the team and integrated into their ways of working. This means they can regularly review their progress, deliver their commitments, and make necessary adjustments to continuously improve their performance.

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Leadership assessment tools

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