A healthy culture underpins workplace effectiveness

Organisations with a positive culture consistently deliver higher productivity and customer satisfaction levels, resulting in higher profitability and shareholder returns. They encourage collaboration and open communication, promote psychological safety and wellbeing and lead to a satisfied workforce. Positive cultures help organisations attract and retain world-class talent.

Keogh has the ability to confront the organisation in a way that we weren’t willing to do, but to do it in a way that we understood.

Peter Coleman | CEO & Managing Director, Woodside, 2011-2021

Where do you want to go?

We go through an extensive quantitative and qualitative review of your organisation to understand your baseline culture and what culture you hope to create.

Then, we conduct a series of design and engagement workshops with the board, executive, nominated employees and stakeholders to provide clear direction.

Co-designing the plan to get there

Building a detailed culture implementation plan that encompasses timing, resources, budget, and governance gives you a guide to follow. Your plan will align and integrate existing relevant initiatives already underway in service of the strategy and culture, e.g. innovation, diversity, inclusion or wellbeing.

Making it happen

Keogh plays the role of culture advisors, supporting and coaching leaders and subject matter experts to deliver the plan and role model the new behaviours.

Margit Mansfield

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Tapping into the power of culture

Step back, see the bigger picture, and act on it. Get total visibility over your workplace culture, and get the tools to build a more resilient and agile organisation.

Watch your bottom line thrive