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Strategic planning is a vital tool that guides an organisation’s decision making. It describes how you will adapt and respond to the demands of the environment, address complex problems, and deliver value for your clients and other stakeholders. Strategy puts in place the framework by which to marshal and manage your resources to achieve your vision. And done well, strategic planning helps attract top talent, sustain a competitive advantage and ensure financial sustainability.

Keogh understood our objectives and created a great environment for us to share and align as a team. My favourite bit was hearing how consistent everyone was in their thinking around vision - and getting to know a bit more about each person!

Julie Keene | CEO, Integra

Our cost effective strategic planning process starts with you and your business

Keogh works with boards and executives to design a compelling purpose, vision, mission, and craft critical strategic priorities. During our planning sessions, we help you simplify and document your ‘strategy on a page’ with crucial measures for targets and objectives around key performance indicators.

Through a series of creative and interactive workshops, our strategic planning services help you engage key stakeholders, board members, customers, leaders, and employees in shaping the organisation’s future growth and direction.

Now we bring in the influencers

Once the high-level strategy is agreed we encourage senior leadership to appoint a team of influential leaders and talent to lead the detailed planning process and achieve staff buy-in.

Now that the plans, including budget, resourcing and governance, are agreed, our strategic planning consultant will work side-by-side with sponsors, assigned leaders, and senior management, to coach and guide you through the planning process and ensure collaboration and successful implementation.

Don’t forget to look back

The success of the strategic plan relies on the executive team effectively leading, communicating, monitoring and reviewing its implementation. We can help you at every stage of this process.

Allan Keogh

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Whether you need to reposition yourself in the market, respond to disruption, or get the board and executive team on the same page, Keogh's strategic planning consultants have the skills and real world experience to get you where you want to go.

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