Measure, build and sustain a high-performing and flourishing culture.

Dive into our Cultivate core offering to help you build and sustain the culture you want.

Cultivate Core Offering

Benefits of Cultivate

Designed for today’s workforce

Informed by subject matter experts and over two years of deep research, our culture model, Cultivate, gives you a clear picture of what today’s changing workplace culture needs.

Get a true measure of culture

Our approach goes to the heart of how culture is built. Cultivate shines a light on the behaviours that need to be consistently demonstrated to deliver high and sustainable organisational performance; and create an environment where people can flourish.

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A toolbox, not just a diagnosis

Cultivate offers you the model, approach and tools to build a positive workplace culture.  This includes the Cultivate Survey to measure your current organisational culture.

Align your culture to your business strategy

By first understanding your strategy and then measuring your current state culture, our holistic approach will help you to hone in on the vital few behaviours that are key to successful strategy execution.

Attract and retain the best

Where good culture emerges, talent will follow. Our Cultivate Model and toolbox guides you to build an environment where people don’t just love coming to work, they actively seek you out as an employer of choice.

Watch your bottom line thrive

We map and measure your organisation against three key dimensions and thirteen individual elements that underpin business performance, as a starting point from which to build your desired future culture.

Get a holistic approach to building culture

When you embark upon the Cultivate culture change journey, you will experience a comprehensive  and rigorous approach that will set you on the right path to take you from where your culture is now to where it needs to be.

Boost your change readiness

Cultivate maps out your organisation’s change-readiness to help you prepare for the culture change and maximise your chances of success.

Tailored support for leaders

Our toolbox also includes Cultivate 360, a feedback diagnostic that provides leaders with valuable insights into the impact of their behaviour on the current culture.

When you have a positive culture everything points in the right direction.

Ian Geddes | Senior Consultant | Keogh Consulting

Read more about the research behind the Cultivate model.

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Read more about the research behind the Cultivate model.

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