Valuable Insight

Keogh’s Cultivate 360 feedback diagnostic provides leaders with valuable insight into their behaviour in the workplace. Behaviour that relates to the organisation’s performance and an environment of flourishing people. Behaviour that focusses on the development of a high performance culture with people at the centre.

Impact your Organisation

Imagine your leaders getting direct feedback on what they can do to enhance your organisation’s performance by enabling an environment where people flourish.  Less turnover, less absenteeism, less waste, higher productivity, stronger engagement, greater alignment. Clear and straightforward feedback that leaders can act on to purposefully impact on your organisation’s culture.


Keogh’s Cultivate 360 feedback diagnostic is based on our Cultivate model. Our Cultivate model gives you a clear picture of today’s changing workplace culture needs. Areas like trust, empowerment, collaboration, diversity and learning are integral parts of your culture and what leaders will impact. Impact in a positive and purposeful manner to propel your organisation’s performance and ensure people flourish.


When leaders have all completed the Cultivate 360 feedback diagnostic they develop an aligned direction, focussed on developing a culture that all can benefit from. Imagine more motivated and self-initiating employees, because leaders have created the environment for people to succeed and thrive.

What’s included:

  • Set up and deployment of the 360 feedback diagnostic
  • Monitoring of responses and reminder emails
  • Personalised Cultivate 360 feedback report
  • One-on-one debrief session with the leader
  • Coaching (optional, but highly recommended)

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Cultivate 360 is based on the Cultivate model developed by Keogh. Read more about the research behind the model.

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