What can organisational development do for your business?

Targeted organisational development solutions can:

  • Create flourishing employees in terms of motivation and satisfaction which;
    • Generate high performing teams
    • Enhance inclusion and diversity
    • Reduce staff turnover, absenteeism and safety incidents
    • Shift a toxic workplace to a flourishing work environment with increased productivity
  • Implement large-scale organisational changes to;
    • Help build innovation capabilities
    • Build your next-generation leaders
    • Improve wellbeing and psychological safety
    • Support a streamlined merger or acquisition
    • Help prepare your organisation to enter new markets
    • Stronger, higher performing team

What are some OD strategies

Organisation design requires a focus on three (3) elements for ultimate success:

  1. Culture development
  2. Strategic planning
  3. Organisational capacity

Our consulting will support the alignment of these three critical elements to ensure the success of your business, now and into the future.

The use of our organisation consultants provides objective professional services to enable clarity and alignment around all three elements. Consulting with our experts, many have an organisational psychology background, will assist in a focused and strategic approach to the development of your organisation. We will also provide coaching enabling leaders to behave in a manner that reinforces the desired objectives of the OD plan.

1. Culture development

Development of your organisation is all about ‘How you do things better to achieve outcomes’ With our services we can assist you with:

  • Clarify your Purpose, Vision and Mission
  • Identify or redefine your organisational values
  • Develop compelling stories around your organisations Purpose, Vision and Mission
  • Run surveys and facilitate focus groups and interviews to gain insights
  • Provide support and facilitation in your organisations cultural journey
  • Developing and coaching leaders to behave in alignment with your plans
  • Ensure your strategic plans are supported by your culture
  • Build team performance

2. Strategic planning

Given a strong focus on ESG in today’s business world, strategic planning should enable your organisation to become a world leader with a focus on social and community aspects, the environment and strong governance.

Strategic planning will also focus on financial and market factors along with organisational capacity, organisation development, team improvement and other aspects that will deliver productivity.

Working with your leadership team, Keogh’s consulting team use leading edge practices to help you define strategic imperatives and clear objectives for your alternate business benefit. Our consulting is bespoke, insightful, curious and humanistic in application when working with your business management team.

3. Organisational capacity

Development and coaching focussed on your organisational capacity will impact positively on your capacity to deliver strategy and objectives. Your strategy also needs to supported and enabled through the development of our business environment. We can provide assistance to enable improvement in your organisation capacity through;

  • Leadership development programs
  • Team building around performance and efficiency
  • Building team ability in problem solving
  • Enhancing knowledge of employees
  • Group facilitation of teams to build team skill sets
  • Leadership and team training and coaching
  • Talent identification processes founded in development of peoples full potential

The power of co-designed OD

Co-design enables a diversity of perspectives and solutions to be implemented which are aligned and targeted to address your specific organisational needs. It’s power lies in it’s capacity to understand and address the needs of your people, team and the business with the clarity of insight from an external perspective.

Alignment of your strategic direction, your culture and your the organisation’s capacity propels you to better performance and preparedness for the years ahead.

Our Consultants have organisational development experience across a range of industries. We have transformation, strategy, innovation, culture, leadership and team performance experts, so when you work with us, you get the benefits of up to date, extensive and diverse expertise.

Think of Keogh as your Organisational Development Officer.

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Implementing organisational development with Keogh offers leaders a fresh approach to take their company to new heights of success.

Talk to us about your business, team and people challenges, and opportunities. *Source: https://www.ahri.com.au/resources/ahriassist/organisational-development/