At Keogh, our change management consultants partner with organisations to effectively manage the human side of change. Our experienced team understands what it takes to change human behaviour, build new habits and lasting ways of working to achieve business outcomes.

When we help people to change in a manner aligned with the required direction, we change the organisation. Change is constant and when managed effectively, allows people to adapt, connect and feel supported for ultimate success.

Keogh understood our objectives and created a great environment for us to share and align as a team. My favourite bit was hearing how consistent everyone was in their thinking around vision - and getting to know a bit more about each person!

Julie Keene | CEO, Integra

Use change management consulting to build a compelling story

We help senior leaders actively and consistently advocate for change by communicating, a compelling ‘why’, and the benefits to staff. This underpins people’s motivation to be part of the journey forward to a desired future state.

We spend time with leaders, and key influencers to craft the change story and develop a visual storyboard. This serves as a powerful piece of collateral for leadership to use in ongoing communications and change capability — a constant reminder of the change journey and the compelling destination for the business.

Involve all levels on planning and implementing the change

Top-down change approaches tend to increase employee resistance to the change and dilute understanding of the change.

We encourage targeted participation at all levels in co-designing and implementing the change in-line with the business strategy. We bring leaders, key stakeholders, influencers, and change catalysts together in a series of forums to develop ways in which to achieve successful transformational change.

With an agreed approach and plan, we guide and coach the internal project team to implement the change.

A multi-level approach to designing and implementing change significantly increases the probability of success. This means change can happen more quickly, and employees are more likely to assume ownership. (Garner, Changing Change Management An open-source approach. 2019).

Support and reinforce new ways of behaving and doing in your organisation

In our experience, change programs often fail because leaders and employees do not know what they need to do at a practical level. We coach and support leaders and employees to test and try out new skills and behaviours to drive desired changes in the workplace.

To sustain these changes, it’s important to hardwire them into the reinforcing mechanisms of the organisation. Reward and recognition, hiring practices, budgeting, planning, and decision-making are just some of the systems and processes that need to be adapted. We help you identify the changes you need to make, and build a solid foundation to deliver the change through careful stakeholder management.

Finally, no change process is complete without a communication and engagement strategy. Drawing on our extensive change management expertise and track record across Australia and overseas, we work with you to design and deliver messages and experiences to support your employees throughout their change journey.

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