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Frequency of behaviours

  • Cultivate is based on the premise that behaviour is the most significant determinant of culture. The survey measures the frequency of behaviours, in plain language, demonstrated against 13 elements that underpin a high-performing, flourishing culture.

“Where do you start? First observe the behavior prevalent in your organization now and imagine how people would act if your company were at its best, especially if their behavior supported your business objectives. Ask the people in your leadership groups, “If we had the kind of culture we aspire to, in pursuit of the strategy we have chosen, what kinds of new behaviors would be common? And what ingrained behaviors would be gone?”

Cultural Change That Sticks.   by Jon R. Katzenbach, Ilona Steffen, and Caroline Kronley.  HBR (July–August 2012)

Change readiness

  • Cultivate measures the readiness of the organisation to undertake change, a unique feature of our survey.

Leadership impact on culture

  • 15 of the statements in Cultivate refer specifically to leadership behaviours and can be a key area of focus of the culture action plan.


  • Standard demographics are embedded in the survey to provide meaningful splits in the data.

Importance of elements

Because respondents are also able to rank the importance of each element (Now and for the Future), the survey is able to target particular sets of behaviours that need focus for the future.

What’s included:

  • Set up and deployment of the Cultivate organisational survey
  • Monitoring of responses and reminder emails
  • Focus groups and interviews before the survey to gather qualitative data
  • Up to 3-levels of reporting
  • Detailed debrief workshop with the Executive Team 

Cultivate Survey Report

Download a sample of our Cultivate organisational survey report.