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Cultivate Newsletter October 2023


Safety behaviours make up one of the 13 elements that form the Cultivate culture model. Keogh defines safety as people proactively looking after the physical wellbeing of others.

Making safety a priority in every organisation

All employees have the right to a safe working environment. October marks National Safe Work Month in Australia, and a time for organisations to consider how they can build safer and healthier environments for their employees. This is also a time for people to work together for the common goal of reducing workplace injuries and fatalities.

To do so, SafeWork Australia has provided several useful guides and activities to ignite conversations to talk about how organisations can be safer.

A good way to connect with safety this month is to start a discussion about safety in your organisation. The SafeTea Discussion Dice provided by SafeWork Australia could be used as a tool to guide the conversation if you are unsure of where to start.

Bolster organisational safety through leadership

Leaders play an important role in promoting safe practices and preventing risks to employee safety. The LEAD model is an evidence-based tool that can be used to measure, understand, and improve safety leadership in any organisation. The premise underlying the model is that safety goals may differ depending on the work situation, and may require different leadership approaches in response.

Read more about how to use this model HERE.


The people behind the footwear that keep us safe

Our CEO Margit Mansfield interviews Garry Johnson in this episode of Leaders Unedited. Garry was at the helm of Steel Blue between 2009 and 2023, where he grew and transformed the company into a global manufacturer of safety footwear.


Predicted safety trends coming into fruition?

Back in 2018, CSIRO partnered with SafeWork Australia to understand how new technology and ways of working would impact on workplace safety. Six ‘Megatrends’ shaping future workplace safety were highlighted, and are still relevant now five years into the future.

Read more about these trends HERE.


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