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Cultivate Newsletter August 2023

Ian Geddes, Senior Consultant at Keogh Consulting, provides an overview of Cultivate.

It’s been just over two years since Keogh launched Cultivate. Cultivate provides organisations with the model, approach and tools to build a high-performing, flourishing culture. This includes a thoroughly tested survey that leaders can use to shape and sustain a strong culture.

Since launch, we have used our bespoke Cultivate survey and toolbox with a wide range of organisations to support an acquisition process, align an organisation’s culture to its refreshed strategy and improve talent attraction and retention. These organisations include a local council, an industrial software company, an engineering services organisation, a primary health network, and a corporate finance firm.


Culture and engagement are different

Although culture and engagement are connected, they are not the same. Measuring employee engagement versus culture may not provide the sustained success that companies strive for. While culture is about the collective behaviours that are consistently demonstrated and reinforced by the a organisation, engagement is how individual employees personally experience working for the organisation.


Toxic cultures are more predictive of attrition than compensation

Toxic cultures not only lead to stress, burnout and mental health issues, they impact the bottom line. An MIT study of Glassdoor reviews of corporate culture, was able to shed light on the factors that best predict a toxic culture.


Top tips for promoting empowerment

Every month we will shine a spotlight on one of the 13 elements of our Cultivate model. In this, our first Cultivate newsletter, we feature Empowerment.

DOWNLOAD our top tips guide to find out what Empowerment means, why it’s important and how to promote it.