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Cultivate Newsletter November 2023

Our focus this month is Collaboration

Connective behaviours make up one of the 13 elements that form the Cultivate culture model.  In this model, collaboration is defined as people working together to achieve goals.

Collaborating For Building Community Capacity

Rebecca Tomkinson, ex Chief Executive Officer of the Royal Flying Doctor Service WA and current CEO of Chamber of Minerals and Energy of Western Australia, believes community is an important consideration in leadership roles. Rebecca applies her knowledge of community development and capacity building for collaboration within a team and community groups to improve the lives of others.


Designing spaces for better Collaboration

The Future Workplace team from University of Leeds have developed a research-led guide to effective hybrid working.  One finding from their research that is highlighted is that most workers prefer to do collaborative activities in an office or face-to-face, whereas individual tasks that require concentration are preferred to be done outside the office.  This guide also includes a socio-technical system perspective relating to three different office models (traditional, hybrid and remote offices). A key takeaway from these comparisons is that each have trade-offs and a choice should be made based on the organisation’s unique requirements.

Read more from the report HERE.


Human-Tech Collaboration

CSIRO reports that some professions are now collaborating with AI to incorporate additional intelligence on important missions. For example, search and rescue teams are incorporating the intelligence that can be gained by working with semi-autonomous drones. Although collaborating with AI is not without its challenges, the combination of human strengths and AI intelligence could unlock outcomes that would otherwise be unattainable.

Read more from the article HERE.


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