Leaders lead genuinely once they understand their true selves.

Using one of Keogh’s most successful development models, the Wisdom Wheel, participants are introduced to EQ (Emotional Intelligence), SQ (Spiritual Intelligence), PQ (Physical Intelligence), and TQ (Technical Intelligence).

They discover where they fit within the model via a series of sprints and nudges, knowledge sharing, experiential activities, peer and partner learning.

Every individual is equipped to understand and grow their leadership competencies and take their leadership to the next level.


Enhance awareness

Enhance awareness of how emotions impact decisions, behaviours and performance of others.

Improve ability

Improve ability to provide, ask for, and respond to feedback.

Encourage diversity

Improve ability to flex one’s own thinking style, promote collaboration and encourage diversity of thought.

Increase capabilities

Increase capabilities to create an environment of psychological safety and optimism.

Enhance skills

Enhance skills and confidence to coach for growth and performance.

Learn to lead

Clearly articulate a personal purpose and learn approaches for leading with purpose.

Improve connection

Improve connection between body and mind.

Tailored to your needs

Tailor recommendations to fill learning gaps.


Available to current leaders at any level and emerging leaders.


This is a six month programme comprising weekly activities.


It requires a commitment of five hours per month.


An online workshop with an offline learning partner activity.

Your leadership coach


Keogh Consulting

Your investment

Virtual Program

(8 -12 people)

With a world that’s constantly changing, this program is designed to suit you at any time and place.


Face to Face

(up to 20 people)

Using the traditional face-to-face mode of delivery, the program can accommodate a larger team.


Open Program


Interested but can’t get a team together? Join one of our open programs and have the added advantage of making new connections.




See the opportunity to run this for your whole organisation? Speak to us about our accreditation package designed specifically to suit your needs.