Effective teams:

  • Set goals together and work towards them (Achievement)
  • Use differences and conflict as a source of innovation (Self-Actualising)
  • Show a positive approach to tackling problems (Self-Actualising)
  • Show support of one other (Humanistic-Encouraging)
  • Engage in constructive communication (Humanistic-Encouraging)
  • Actively listen to one other (Affiliative)
  • Have relaxed and open discussions with one another (Affiliative)

This program will:

  • Help team members better understand themselves and the impacts of their behaviour on others
  • Encourage each team member to bring their ‘best self’ to the team
  • Provide the team with practical skills and tools to collaborate more effectively with one another
  • Enable the team to recognise and leverage each other’s strengths and engage in honest and productive conversations

Our 12-week program can be delivered face-to-face, virtually or in a blended format. If you would like to find out more about how this program will help develop your leaders and teams, please fill in the contact form below, or give us a call on 1800 453 644.

"The program highlighted to me the importance of soft skills and provided me the tools to be a better leader and coach"

Catherine Henwood | Head of Philanthropy, West Australian Ballet

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