What is your organisation’s level of psychological safety?

Psychological safety is high when employees feel free to express themselves in the team without fear of failure or retribution.  These teams demonstrate a high level of trust and respect, and there is an expectation to be truthful and candid.

Google’s Project Aristotle revealed that more than any other factor, psychological safety contributed to team success.  Research by Gallup demonstrated that psychological safety significantly reduces turnover and number of safety incidents and increases productivity.   Ultimately, it leads to increased project effectiveness, innovation, market competitiveness and financial performance.

Using Conductor’s PS25™, the world’s first survey instrument underpinned by neuroscience research, we will partner with you to measure the levels of psychological safety in your organisation and identify and implement opportunities to rapidly lift team performance and business results.

Case Study: Member Organisation

This organisation needed to carve out a future where it could remain relevant and continue to serve the needs of its members while avoiding the route of Kodak, Blockbuster, or Nokia.

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