Caron Yep


  • Coaching
  • Culture Development
  • Leadership Development
“People are at the centre of our work. I’ve spent my career studying psychology, neuroscience and behaviour and for me it all boils down to the fact that we can shape our behaviour by building habits, and we do this by creating new wiring in our brain, that over time gets hardwired.”
What piques your curiosity or where do you seek out inspiration?

I have always loved books and reading. I spent hours in the library as a kid and now have a great book collection. I also got the travel bug in my 20s and during my time in the UK, I travelled to over 35 countries. I am fascinated by food, culture, traditions and different landscapes and enjoy capturing this all with my DSLR. Nowadays, travel is more local and it’s about making memories and planning adventures with my family to parks, nature reserves, beaches, farmers markets and cafes.

What invigorates you creatively, spiritually or emotionally?

Being near the coast, swimming in the sea and walking on the beach. It evokes all the senses, blows out the cobwebs and is a place that creates a sense of calmness and the space for insight and reflection.

Could you tell us about somebody who has given you sage wisdom in the past?

My Dad has over the years given me little words of wisdom that have stuck with me. ‘Be one step ahead’, ‘Keep positive’, ‘Do your best’ and ‘Treat others how you want to be treated’. However, the one that has really stuck and makes sense more and more today is “Be your own woman”. Basically, you are your own person, be true to yourself and don’t be afraid to stand up for what you need.

Which of our Keogh values speaks to you the loudest? Why?

Humanistic, hands down. What makes it interesting is that every person is unique, and nobody has the same mix of experience, genes, beliefs and emotions. People’s potential is not fixed and as consultants, it’s our privilege to create the right experiences and space for people to see and discover their potential and realise that they have all they need. It’s about having the right mindset, focus and motivation to be the best version of themselves, which in turn creates better teams and organisations.

Which projects have been the most meaningful to you and why?

Coaching or consulting projects where I get to work with individuals, teams or organisations for a longer period of time. Through this partnership, you really get the opportunity to see the growth and learning along the way. I particularly like programs that are focussed on building more inclusive cultures and resilient leaders.

Could you tell us a story about a moment of realisation in your lifetime?

The realisation that we are human beings not human doings . Early in my career I was always very busy, setting and ticking off goals. My focus was purely on results, the next task, the next goal, planning the next trip and I totally burnt out. Over time I realised that what is more important is who you are being, who you are showing up as each day and that taking time out for self-care and having downtime is not selfish or a waste of time, but essential to be the best version of yourself, the best team member, consultant, friend, mother and wife. It’s about slowing down and being content in the moment. It is less about proving yourself with a list of accomplishments but rather what you are learning about yourself and others along the way. It is something I constantly work at, especially as a busy mum with two young kids.

What is a little-known fact about you?

I was born in Africa, Zimbabwe (or Rhodesian as it was then). I grew up in New Zealand, lived and worked in the UK for 8 years, and now reside in Australia. So, my accent is a mix of everything!

Australia is home now, but I will always support the All Blacks!