Debra Wilson


  • Leadership Development
  • Organisation Design
  • Strategy Development
“I feel most fulfilled when I know I have truly made a difference. Sometimes it’s through my consulting work with individuals, teams, and organisations.  Sometimes, and equally as important, it’s in my personal relationships and my volunteer work.”
What is a little-known fact about you?

Some years ago, I managed to conquer my fears and jump out of a perfectly good plane at 10,000 feet. (I admit it was a tandem jump, so I relied on the fact that the guy with me wanted to live!). It turned out to be an amazing experience, and I felt like I was ‘ten-feet tall’ when we landed safely on the ground!

What piques your curiosity or where do you seek out inspiration?

New places, experiences, challenges, and people who display amazing courage when dealing with what life can sometimes dish out, truly inspires me.

What invigorates you creatively, spiritually or emotionally?

Nature and a passion and love for animals and wildlife.

Which archetype of Keogh speaks the loudest to you?

The archetype of ‘Seeker’ speaks the loudest to me, as seeking out challenges throughout life translates, for me, into life-long learning and growing, which I highly value.

Which projects have been the most meaningful to you and why?

All projects are meaningful for me for very different reasons. But if I were to choose those that are most meaningful, I would choose projects where the organisation is either in ‘startup’ or a major ‘turnaround.’ The challenges these projects present are usually quite complex, often require a ‘clean slate’ approach and leadership that makes a difference, with the ability to engage and mobilise others to ‘make it happen.’ So, they can be very exciting, albeit difficult projects.

Could you tell us a story about a moment of realisation in your lifetime?

I realised how important it is to try to remember to not ‘sweat the small stuff’, and make the most of, and enjoy, life more than ever, after a health-related incident that could have ended badly.