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Leadership Bootcamp: Turn The Ship Around

The IBL Bootcamp is designed to get leaders to work on the business and less in the business. Anyone who needs to improve a team’s performance will gain invaluable skills from this workshop series.

As part of Keogh’s corporate event series, we’re bringing big concepts from the world’s most respected thought leaders to cities around Australia. We’re thrilled to announce that our first event of financial year 2019/20 will be offered in Perth.

After the success of our 2018 event with David Marquet, Keogh will be partnering with his team to bring an exclusive, co-facilitated bootcamp on Intent-Based Leadership™ to Australia – the first of its kind on our shores. 

Intent-Based Leadership™ (IBL) is a unique leadership philosophy that has the power to create an environment where everyone has more control over their work, is fully engaged and fully contributing. Its value lies in fundamentally challenging hierarchical perceptions of leadership with the belief that everyone – not just those at the top – can become a leader.

Attendance starts at $1,250 + GST pp, (+BF)for this leadership bootcamp.

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Learn more about our Extend leadership development program here.

About David Marquet and Intent-Based Leadership™

David’s experience of transforming the worst performing submarine in the US fleet led him to pen the Amazon bestseller: Turn the Ship Around! Fortune magazine called the book the “best how-to manual anywhere for managers on delegating, training, and driving flawless execution.”

Captain Marquet’s true story of turning followers into leaders has helped thousands of business leaders take command in rough seas with a uniquely hands-off approach.

Bootcamp: Intent-Based Leadership™

While owners and leaders often want to spur innovation, traditional models of how to do this also makes them the bottleneck for actually getting it done. The IBL Bootcamp will instil in participants the powerful ammunition needed to get the most out of their people. 

What can participants expect?

Headed by International Managing Consultant Peter Russian and Keogh, the official Turn the Ship Around program will delve deeply into the concepts covered in David Marquet’s book and materials, and beyond.

  • A high-energy, interactive workshop focused on real issues specific to leaders
  • Based on the concept of Act your Way to New Thinking – high on practice, low on theory
  • Workshop includes elements of yet-to-be published book on leadership language

Who should attend?

Are you under pressure as a result of growing priorities and challenges? Do you know you should delegate but often find it easier to step in – or end up fixing things when they go wrong?

The IBL Bootcamp is designed to get leaders to work on the business and less in the business. It will provide you with the tools and practices to create a psychologically safe environment that encourages people to speak up, take ownership, and use their knowledge and skills to best effect.

Anyone who needs to improve a team’s performance will gain invaluable skills in this workshop series.

Places are limited in each city, so we are now taking expressions of interest from experienced and aspiring management, L&D and organisational development professionals.

If you’re unable to attend in these cities, please get in touch to discuss a bespoke solution for your organisation.

“If you’ve seen David, or know the book, here is the next step…”

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