You are reading: Golden Rules for Fast-tracking Organisational Transformation.

Golden Rules for Fast-tracking Organisational Transformation.

Business Transformation

1. Overview

Exploring a new path forward with people as the focus.

With shares trading at 14¢ and a market cap of A$75 million, this publicly listed junior gold mining and exploration organisation needed a strong strategy; one which would resonate from its head office in Perth to field offices and operations in Botswana and Tanzania.

2. What did we help achieve?

2 years Ahead of schedule
400% Increase in share price
$1.5b Market cap

3. The Challenges

What was important to achieve?

The ten-year vision was to be a A$1.5 billion market cap, major East African mining house, listed on the London and Toronto exchanges. Keogh Consulting accepted the challenge to advise and guide the company as it transitioned from a junior miner on the ASX to a global mining house listed on the London and Canadian exchanges.

4. The Keogh Approach

The strategy behind transformation.

A detailed transformation plan was evolved with the MD, board and senior management team. 

A key intervention was the reconstitution of the board and the search for an internationally respected chairman who had undertaken a similar transition and could offer effective counsel to the MD.

5. Summary of the Results

The ongoing enterprise attracted international investment and an eventual takeover.

The vision was achieved 2 years ahead of schedule, with a share price of 60¢ and a market cap of $1.5 billion. The results of the business transformation were deemed so successful, it resulted in a buyout and takeover by a Canadian mining company.