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Developing next-gen leadership for business growth.

Leadership Development
GPA Case Study - Leadership Development
GPA Case Study - Leadership Development

1. Overview

GPA needed to identify potential new leaders within the organisation, then get them more involved with, and accountable for, the business challenges​ ahead.

GPA Engineering develops, engineers and implements industrial scale projects for large industry clients. Their multidisciplinary engineering and management team has consulted and provided EPCM services since 1987, but continued growing demand required a rethink of leadership capability and professional advancement.

2. What did we help achieve?

17 New team leaders
50% Increase in capacity to lead and manage a 50% increased workforce
  • Increased numbers of team leaders (from 11 in 2017 to 28 in 2020) to boost accountability
  • Recognised enhanced leadership capability for the program graduates
  • New discipline leaders responsible for overall engineering discipline performance
  • Increased involvement of next level leadership and wider engagement of employees in business strategy, new industry development and client management
GPA Case Study - Leadership Development

3. The Challenges

Extended leadership beyond the board.

GPA’s vision was to grow as a vibrant organisation of high performing and innovative teams, respected for consistently delivering exceptional engineering quality and value. With the Managing Director anticipating reducing his operational contribution​, the GPA Directors were keen to identify and build the capability of next generation leaders. We identified the need for current high potential and next generation leaders to enhance their leadership skills and have line-of-sight to future development opportunities.

4. The Keogh Approach

Two phases across two years.

Keogh designed and conducted an intensive, four day workshop for 13 recognised future leaders. The collaboration and contribution from the Managing Director and many of the directors was essential to the success of this initial program.  Keogh chose to use the Human Synergistics LSI, an evidence based self awareness and effectiveness tool. The intention was to get participants focussed on their thinking and behaviour within GPA and how to modify behaviours  to motivate, influence, empower, communicate and negotiate with their teams and clients.​

5. Summary of the Results

Professional development to business development.

Since 2017 GPA has continued to grow, now with approximately 260 employees, an approximately 50% increase over this period. The business is further diversifying with an increased portfolio. There has been a marked increase in the involvement of next level leadership and wider engagement of employees in business strategy, new industry development and client management. There were a number of factors that have supported this, however, the Keogh program has helped to enable this change to develop more cohesively and foster the development of GPAs future leaders.

The program’s lasting impact has empowered participants, lifted them up as equals to the board of directors, and given them the courage to contribute to the strategy and development of GPA.

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