You are reading: Ensuring a Smooth Transition in Times of Change for RACV

Ensuring a smooth transition in times of change for RACV.

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Business Transformation

1. Overview

New destinations, new beginnings and the rebirth of a club for all generations.

Prior to engaging Keogh, RACV was an established club and car insurance member organisation making a steady but not amazing return to its members. The new CEO inherited what was, at the time, a breakeven club with a modest income from the motor vehicle assist and insurance businesses.

2. What did we help achieve?

400% Increase in membership.
4 Additional regional
clubs added to the offering.

3. The Challenges

What was important to achieve?

  • Build a high performance executive team and reshape the board to support them.
  • Safeguard the brand while shifting the culture to become more performance oriented.
  • Deliver member value while remaining profitable and sustainable.
  • Enhance buy-in from external strategic partners and stakeholders.
  • Modelling of the organisational values.

4. The Keogh Approach

A holistic outlook on change.

With the robust support of the board and the new board chair, the new chief executive was ready to embark on a major shake-up of the organisation. Initially asked to complete a strategy and plan, Keogh’s engagement spanned over six years to support the organisation to strategically reposition and transform.

5. Summary of the Results

“The change in direction was clear, the results, equally so.”

The Executive Team rebuilt the business through engaging its management team and board in the strategy. This delivered year on year growth and sustained prosperity.

Across the engagement with Keogh, RACV were able to grow their membership by 400% and form a stable economic base. This was thanks in part to the strategy of founding and incorporating IAG, which in its own right produces over 60% of the business’ income.

What’s more, a comprehensive design of the new club and facilities became the model of inner city business and recreation clubs in Melbourne, with membership benefits expanded to include additional regional clubs, golf clubs and holiday resorts.