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Ian Geddes – 2021 in Review

Senior Consultant Ian Geddes focuses much of his energy on the Culture and Leadership space at Keogh.


Reflecting on the past year, he has a few tips for leaders on articulating personal values and incorporating them to create a balanced life in 2022. 

Ian, what was the most significant moment in your year? 

The biggest moment of my year was joining the Keogh Consulting family.  The collegiate environment has for me, engendered superior creativity and my role has offered greater challenges.  I’ve never viewed my role as work, more just part of my life and that has become much more fun and satisfying this year.  

What do you feel you’ve missed out on since the lockdowns and travel restriction began? 

Everything’s a matter of perspective. Some people think that they’ve lost their freedom. Some people have lost loved ones. But being based in WA, we’ve been fortunate compared to many other places where restrictions have dragged on for months and months, with all the heartache that causes. I’m fortunate to say that I don’t feel that I’ve personally lost anything apart from the ability to travel more widely. 

Having the opportunity to travel once again does excite me — the adventure of it all, connecting with different cultures, getting to know people, trying different food, exploring different forms of entertainment. It’s partially a mindset thing, but travelling to a new place refreshes my perspective of my world and the ‘the world’ more generally. 

There are a few places on my itinerary; I still want to experience a bit more of Europe, South America and the UK — particularly Scotland. But we’ll have to see how borders and bubbles go. 

What will be your focus for 2022? 

My focus will be continuing to develop the Cultivate Toolbox offering for Keogh. While the world is quick to implement technical advances, culture is still at the core of what makes an organisation function — be that well or poorly. 

What do leaders need to consider now to set themselves up for a successful 2022? 

We talk a bit about the Keogh Wisdom Wheel, a helpful framework for leading a balanced life: emotionally, physically, spiritually, and in your vocation. Some people don’t quite get it at first glance — it’s a lot to unpack — but for me at its simplest, we could put it as:  

Connect with others, exercise regularly, live your values, and be curious in learning.  Making these a central part of your life will help you feel better. 

Everyone has their challenges, but I think an area that often gets less focus for many is ‘What is your purpose?’ and ‘What are your personal values’. 

The end/start of the year is the ideal time to reflect on how you’ve lived up to them to date. Be brutally honest. I believe that the personal values we set, are integral to our decision making and our actions.  Have you been consistent with your values or not, and if not, why?  What prevents you from living your values?  Understand what’s important to you, and how that plays out when interacting with others.  

I’ve long known that my purpose is to develop others which play out in both my personal and professional life.  Understanding your purpose is an underpinning theme in your well being and gives you focus and direction.  So ask yourself ‘Why do I exist?’  After that, unpack each answer with a why – Why do I… Do this 5 times and you’ll drill down to your fundamental purpose.

I wish all readers of this article a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.