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Keogh 12 Nudges: Amazon Fires

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12 Holiday Nudges: Amazon deforestation

Nudge 10: Point the Flame

What happens when no one takes responsibility? The world burns.

Bolsonaro, the Brazillian president has been pointing fingers at who he deems responsible for fires that have incinerated huge swathes of the world’s largest rainforest; going so far as to blame Leonardo Di Caprio. (The ‘logic’ behind that claim is that Leo gives money to environmental NGOs who are then incentivised to start these fires). 

It could be a real belief, willful ignorance, or just a distraction; yet another leader attempting to muddy the truth with their own brand of ‘fake news’.

Trusted international media outlets report that many of the fires are started by people through slash-and-burn agricultural clearing. Once trees are cut down, local farmers set fire to the stumps and undergrowth to make way for cattle or plantations – growing food which will likely be exported. Greenpeace has pointed the finger at fast food giants to shoulder some of the blame.

Perhaps we’re all culpable for supporting the system that allows this to happen. The Amazon exists across Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Peru, Suriname and Venezuela. But its diversity and role as the lungs of the world matter to all of us. What happens there has an impact on the global climate; what we choose has knock-on effects on the forest.

We’d all do well to think beyond our own patch. Even the small choices we make (such as choosing a locally-sourced meal or palm oil free products) impact the world in ways we may not realise. Many pebbles fill the pond. We must move from the idea of ‘mine’ to ‘ours’ if we’re to tackle the world’s most pressing problems.

What would happen if you brought 5% more awareness to the global impacts of your actions? It could change the world.


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