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Keogh Consulting are supporting the next generation of women leaders

‘I was 21 years old, working in the mining industry, and it was my first meeting in my new job. I was the only woman there. The director running the meeting walked in, looked at me, and said, “What are you here for? Decoration?” Then silence. Nobody came to my defence, not even my manager.’

For Margit Mansfield, CEO of Keogh Consulting, this moment is seared into her memory. It was this pivotal moment that marked a turning point in her career, spurring a passion for creating change and advocating for more support for women in the workplace. And now, built on a lifetime of mentoring and coaching services to help women grow their careers, Keogh Consulting are proud to launch their new leadership program See Me, Hear Me, With Me.

See Me, Hear Me, With Me has been created to support women in building strong foundations that help them navigate the uncertainty and challenges of leadership with confidence. Run over a six-month period, it’s a transformational program that steps away from the regular crash course format. The program sees its participants working with voice and movement coaching, to help them develop speaking and movement styles that boost their confidence—all of which have been distilled into the eye-catching name.

There are regular check-ins and ongoing activities to ensure the participants continue to develop their skills, and individualised leadership coaching and group mentoring with accomplished business leaders, all remarkable women who bring a wealth of their own unique experiences, background, and leadership styles to the table. There is also a strong community component, where participants will work together to make a meaningful impact to a community organisation.

But of course, you can’t run a program like this unless you have a personal investment in it. And that’s exactly what Keogh are doing.

‘Our program is different,’ says Alexis Gaman, Program Lead. ‘It’s designed to help women build the leader they want to be, and we tailor the learning and skills to each person’s specific style of leadership.’

As the Program Lead, Ms Gaman is precisely the program’s target audience: an early career woman looking to build her skills and capabilities, taking on this new project as one of her first leading opportunities.

‘It’s not just theory and classroom learning,’ she says, ‘There’s an element of play in there. We’re creating a space for people to step outside of their comfort zones, and try different things in a supportive environment. Find what works for them, and what does—and have fun doing it.’


See Me, Hear Me, With Me is a powerful program designed for early to mid-career women who want to extend their leadership. It will enable participants to learn with, and from, inspiring leaders who have gone through what they’re going through, and be supported by a cohort of women on the same journey as them.

 The Perth-based program commences late July. For more information, head to to learn how to get involved.