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Getting out of ISO and into 2021


Sydney’s famous New Year’s Eve fireworks are going ahead this year — but they’ll be a little different due to that-which-will-not-be-named. The midnight Harbour Bridge spectacle will be televised, though a little shorter than usual, with ballotted ticketing for the best in-person viewing spots. 

How can you ensure you have a sparkling bridge to 2021 that doesn’t rely on a lottery to win? Over the course of the last four articles, we’ve encouraged readers to write their personal takes on the letters I, S and O. 

Why? Because we believe it won’t be the last any of us hear about iso, and now when you do, it can act as a positive trigger to realign and realise your largest goals. 

How many words did you collect? Narrow them down to the top two for each letter, and write them on the right-hand side of a piece of paper. Alongside these, you might include an associated goal.

Now on the left hand side of the paper, write down where you are in relation to these outcomes. Draw an arc between the two, a little like a rainbow, and start filling in the steps you need to take to fully realise your plan.

This is the ‘Keogh Bridge’, a way to formulate your personal vision statement for 2021, with the actions you can follow to realise what you want to achieve. Built on values as the key supports, we believe this kind of ‘goal setting’ far sturdier than any champagne-tinged NYE resolution you could possibly make. 


Here’s to a wonderful New Year. Our team would like to wish peace and prosperity for you and yours.