Ned Carrick


  • Assessment and Evaluation
  • Change Management
  • Leadership Development
“I am fascinated by human behaviour and why we act the way we do. Inspiration can be found in the individualistic nature of humans.”
What invigorates you creatively, spiritually or emotionally?

Cooking. Bringing together different flavours to create a harmonious dish for all to enjoy.

Could you tell us about somebody who has given you sage wisdom in the past?

A previous sports coach highlighted that times of stress are opportunities to grow. It is okay to feel uncomfortable and vulnerable at times because we will grow, learn and adapt.

Which of our Keogh values speaks to you the loudest? Why?

Curiosity. If we take everything on face value without a curious mind it becomes difficult to consider solutions from all angles and perspectives.

Which projects have been the most meaningful to you and why?

The ones that are challenging but rewarding to both the end user and myself. Seeing a project or piece of work deliver positive change for the greater good brings me joy.

Could you tell us a story about a moment of realisation in your lifetime?

Just recently I have adopted the 5 by 5 mantra. If it won’t matter in five years don’t spend five minutes worrying about it. I realised this has helped me to focus on the here and now and not sweat the small stuff.

When, where, or with whom do you feel the most fulfilled?

With my family and friends. No matter where, no matter what, the people closest to me bring me the most joy.